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SNS Roofing stands out as a top-recommended provider of roofing system installations and we are well-equipped to handle any commercial roofing needs. Whether it’s an inspection, maintenance, or a new installation, we’re here to support you. We specialize in tailoring roofing solutions to fit your property’s unique needs. Our reputation as a top-rated, licensed, bonded, and insured company speaks to our commitment to excellence.

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EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing

A Proven Solution in Single-Ply Industry

EPDM roofing, the cornerstone of the single-ply roofing industry, boasts a proven track record of over 40 years. This roofing material is known for not adding excessive weight to the roof deck and offers excellent UV resistance, making it ideal for colder climates. Its use of wide sheets reduces the number of seams, enhancing its durability. Additionally, EPDM roofing is Energy Star qualified and CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) certified, underscoring its efficiency and environmental compatibility.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

A Rising Star in Commercial Roofing

TPO roofing is rapidly becoming a popular choice in the commercial roofing industry, especially in southern climates where cooling needs surpass heating requirements. This cost-effective, white roofing material reflects 78% of the sun’s rays, substantially reducing cooling expenses. The heat-welded seams of TPO create a permanent, robust, and watertight bond. Additionally, TPO is environmentally friendly as it’s recyclable and meets CA Title 24 requirements. It’s also Energy Star qualified and CRRC certified, marking its efficiency and sustainability.

PVC Roof

PVC Roofing

The Original White Roof with a Solid History

PVC roofing, known as the original white roof, carries a proven track record of over 30 years. These roofs are highly resistant to chemicals and are engineered for long-term dimensional stability. PVC roofs are constructed with heat-welded seams, ensuring a permanent, robust, and watertight bond. They are naturally fire-resistant and exhibit exceptional UV resistance. In addition to its functional benefits, PVC roofing is an environmentally conscious choice – it’s recyclable and meets CA Title 24 standards. Furthermore, it is Energy Star qualified and CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) certified, highlighting its energy efficiency and sustainable design.

Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen

Superior Performance and Durability with Versatile Color Choices

This roofing option stands out for its exceptional long-term performance and durability, coupled with a variety of color options to suit any aesthetic. The thick membrane offers superior weatherability and is notably puncture-resistant, ensuring robust protection against the elements. Its installation process is designed to minimize disruptions to building operations, making it a convenient choice. The material is easy to transport and elevator-friendly, facilitating a quick and clean installation. Additionally, this roofing solution can be applied to a wide range of substrates and easily matched with existing shingles, offering both versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Metal Commercial


Performance Meets Aesthetics

Our commercial metal roof and wall panels deliver dependable performance without compromising on the aesthetic appeal or longevity of your building. We provide a selection of paneling options, including standing seam, G-Rib, and R-Rib, to cater to diverse architectural needs. These metal roofing products are not only easy to install but also offer design flexibility, making them an ideal choice for various types of commercial buildings. Choose our metal panels for a roofing solution that combines style, durability, and practicality.

Roof Coating

Roofing Solutions Beyond Replacement

Coatings and Warranties

Roofing involves more than just full replacements. When considering the lifecycle costs, it often makes financial sense to prolong your roof’s life with specialized coatings and a fresh NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranty on an existing roof. Reflective roof coatings are particularly effective in extending the service life of a mature roofing system. Opting for lasting restoration or repair can delay significant capital expenses, postponing the need for costly tear-offs or overlays until absolutely necessary. This approach offers a cost-effective, sustainable solution to maintaining your roof’s integrity over time.

Explore Your Commercial Roofing Options with Us! Ready to delve into options for your new commercial roof? We’re here to help! Whether you’re considering a commercial flat roofing system or any other roofing solution, rest assured there’s no challenge we can’t tackle. Don’t hesitate to reach out – give us a call now and let’s discuss the best roofing solutions for your needs. Contact us today!

*10 year warranty requires a roof maintanence plan. Without a maintanence plan we only provide a 5 year warranty.

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