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Welcome to the SNS Roofing Family!

Hey there! We’re SNS Roofing, your new go to for roofing, siding and gutters. Even though we’re pretty new around here, we’ve quickly become a big part of the community. We’re all about making sure you feel like you’re part of the family, not just another job on the list.

We’re made up of owners Shae and Seth (the two S’s in the name – the N stands for our son Noah), Rick and Ryan (two friends with experience in project management), Joanna (our lovely office assistant) and Mike (Seth’s former teacher and now our marketing manager). Before when we mentioned family, we weren’t kidding!

We recently purchased a huge warehouse in Peoria showing how much we believe in our future here and how ready we are to tackle any job, big or small, that comes our way.

We know dealing with roofing stuff can sometimes feel like talking to a brick wall, especially with those larger companies. But not with us!  Dial our number and you’re chatting with one of the owners. No endless ringing, no getting bounced around – just straight talk and help when you need it.

We know our work speaks for itself, but you can always read what our customers have to say. We’re rocking a higher review average than our competitors, which is pretty awesome if you ask us.

So, when you pick SNS Roofing, you’re not just getting a roofing company. You’re getting a group of friends who are here to make sure your roofing project is as smooth as peanut butter. We’re here to help you, guide you, and make sure you’re smiling at the end of the day. Welcome to the family! Let’s make your home safe and sound, together.

Need Roof help? Contact us

309-338-5998 [or] office@snsroofs.com


4-step Process

01. Roofing Consultation

Begin with a personalized consultation where we listen to your needs and vision, ensuring every aspect of your roofing project is understood and addressed.

02. Detailed Proposal

Receive a detailed proposal, laying out a clear, tailored plan with transparent pricing and timelines, setting the stage for a flawless execution.

03. Roof Installation

Trust in our skilled craftsmanship during the roof installation, where precision and quality materialize into the durable and beautiful roof your home deserves.

04. Final Inspection

Conclude with our comprehensive final inspection, a hallmark of our commitment to excellence and your assurance of a job done right with SNS Roofing.

About SNS Roofing

The Premier
Roofing Company in Peoria IL

We provide the most reliable and high-quality roofing services in the Peoria area. With a skilled, experienced team like ours, we can offer a broad range of services. You can count on us to finish the job in a timely manner and remain on-budget as well. We do: Inspections, Replacement, Reroofing, Roof Repair, Maintenance, Flashing Repair & Replacement, Flat, Low-Slope & Sloped Roof, and Gutter Installation.

Improve the look of your home with an SNS roof

A new roof from SNS Roofing doesn't just offer protection—it transforms your house into a standout home, radiating curb appeal and pride in every shingle.

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Meet our Expert Team

SNS Team Members

Shae Ebert

Shae Ebert


Seth Ebert

Seth Ebert


Mike Osborn

Mike Osborn

Marketing Manager

Ryan Stear

Ryan Stear

Project Manager



Project Manager


why work with us

As a company that specializes in commercial and residential roofs, we have worked on various types of structures. No matter how big your building is or how original the architecture, we are ready to take on the job. Call us today to find out more about the materials and services we offer our customers.

We take immense pleasure in introducing you to our family – Seth, Noah and Shae. We have just branched out on our own and are pleased to start this adventure with you! We are local to Peoria and service the surrounding Central Illinois area.

Seth has an extensive career background including prior military service, railroad management, and roofing services. Shae comes from a family of construction and general contractors and has carried on the tradition herself, being a licensed roofing contractor and public adjuster. Noah is learning the ropes and even participates in door knocking!

Family is our “why.” Both Seth and Shae have worked corporate jobs, worked for other employers, and worked unfavorable hours. The opportunity to own our own business has blessed us with the freedom to control our family time again. We get to include Noah in every operation that takes place and ultimately get to work together to achieve our goals. We have taken measures to ensure we are a certified, insured and bonded company. We are also partners with CerainTeed Shingles to promote the best products to our customers.

With a foundation of respect and trust, our goal is to build lasting relationships by striving for complete satisfaction for all the commercial and residential projects we undertake.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your business and support of SNS Roofing. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,
The Ebert Family

At SNS Roofing, our vision is to redefine the standard in roofing excellence, creating a legacy of quality and innovation. We aspire to be more than just a roofing company; we aim to be a community pillar, contributing positively to the areas we serve. Our growth is intertwined with the well-being of our employees, the satisfaction of our customers, and the health of our community, forming a foundation as strong and enduring as the roofs we build.

Our mission at SNS Roofing is to provide unparalleled roofing services with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and employee welfare. We are committed to using our expertise not only to protect and beautify homes but also to give back to the community that supports us. Through continuous growth, learning, and improvement, we strive to exceed expectations, ensuring every customer becomes a part of the SNS Roofing family. Our dedication to our employees is unwavering, as they are the cornerstone of our success and the drivers of our excellence.

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